It is soon becoming that time of year which I dread with a passion as the office I work in is like a sweat box literally !! there is no air con and I distinctly rember one year when it was so hot they hired portable air conditioning units for the office only they were massive and very very noisy , it was like sitting in a launderette we lasted 2 days before they were gotten rid of and now every year when it get's very hot we have dress down days and the company buys us ice lollies and ice creams to keep us going hee hee.

Anyway back to the topic of summer office wear , the dress code in our office is smart though us ladies border more on the smart-casual front one of the benefits of being female in our office is we get away with a lot more dress wise than our male colleauges. I usually wear a dress to work usually with opaque tights &  knee high boots but when the summer comes round I am stuck as I really hate bearing my legs and so I end up wearing linen trousers which I usally purchase from Next as they are a) the only one's I have found that are not see through ( I have no desire to flash my knickers to the entire office thank you very much !) and b) they are a good length as I am one of those people who is not petite in height but not tall and seems most shops do not cater for people like me an in betweeny as I am only just over the height to wear clothes from the petite range. This year however I fancy a change I am not sure what yet possibly just v thin nude tights with a pencil skirt & top maybe ? who know's I am still debating and if anyone has any ideas let me know ! .


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