I have tried a few tinted moisturisers over the years and this one is my fave it is by Nivea and is 3.99 it has spf15 in it and is a one shade suits all whilst I do not believe this is true as I think it is virtually impossible to have a suits all shade but it does suit me and for reference I am NW20 in Mac terms , It goes on very easily and smells lovely and gives quite good coverage more than some other tinted moisturisers I have tried I use this on days when I'm not really leaving the house but still want something on my skin. My apologies by the way I cannot get the first pic to rotate on my net book.

So I have finally got round to doing my review of this palette , I purchased it approx 3 weeks ago I think for £15 from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk. There are 100 eye shadows in this palette as the title suggests with pretty much every shade you could possibly want I reckon ranging from neutrals , to various shades of green , purples, pinks and greys & blacks some have a shimmer to them and some are matte. I have found so far that the staying power of these shadows is very good whether that is down to my primer is another thing I shall trial it without tomorrow and report back but they are well pigmented especially for the price. I have done some swatch pictures with just  a random shade from each row as there are so many colours. This item is simply packaged and comes with a mirror in the lid and applicators but personally I just used my normal eyeshadow brushes as I'm not a fan of these types of brushes. Anyways here are the pictures and I hope you get the gist

ELF have a variety of palettes in their Christmas range at the moment at fantastic prices , and if you follow them on facebook and or twitter there are often discount codes offered so grab yourself or a loved one a bargain beauty treat you won't regret it.