Hello my name is Zoe and I am addicted to hoovering . It has recently dawned on me that I am indeed addicted to hoovering partly out of necessity having two small children means they make a lot of mess and partly because sadly I enjoy it !. Last bank holiday Monday I had realised that I had hoovered 8 times since the Friday 8 times !!! not normal I reckon but hey ho.  I hoover at least twice a day when I am not working once in morning after breakfast and then after tea but sometimes it will require a hoover after lunch depends on whether we have been in or out for lunch lately it is out at some soft play place or other. I have the hoover as above a hetty hoover which is awesome and when she finally gives up the ghost will not hesitate in buying another. I also have a vax carpet cleaner which I use regularly as I have cream carpets ( not my choice ) and a handheld hoover which at first was quite good but has become quite crap over time If I could afford it I would buy a Dyson handheld hoover for the in between jobs but alas at the moment my finances will not allow.



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