This was originally a nigella recipe that I have adapted for the slow cooker that is miles easier and frankly less faff. We all enjoy this and it is a quick bung in the slow cooker in the morning and forget about until tea time type affair

 - Gammon Joint ( whichever size you prefer)
- 2 litre Bottle of coke / diet coke / or cherry coke tastes nice with all free I never used branded just supermarket own brand


Put joint in slow cooker pour coke over and cook on low for approx 8hrs you could also cook on high for 4 hrs if you wished depending on what time you put slow cooker on. Once cooked trim all fat off joint and shred/slice as appropriate ( chuck away liquid). I usually serve this with garlic fondant potatoes recipe can be found here or just bog standard new potatoes & green beans.

Enjoy !

Z x


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