I meal plan most weeks for our meals not really because of budgeting but because I was throwing things away because I had forgotten what I had bought & of course saving money is always a bonus :-D. Anyway tonight I have decided to do a freezer inventory so I can see what I have got , I have 2 freezers , an under counter freezer & a chest freezer which I keep in my outhouse. Turns out I have loads !!! enough for at least 3 weeks meals possibly more I need to try and run my freezers down a bit at least . I have written everything down and just meal planned for this week as I shop from Thursday to Thursday anyway meal plan is as follows:-

-Thursday - Cheesy veg pasta ( just me and kids as the other half working so quick meals until Saturday)
-Friday- veg fingers , alphabet letters & sweetcorn
-Saturday- Omelette's & salad
-Sunday - Roast chicken dinner
-Monday-Fish in butter sauce with mash & veg
-Tuesday - Gammon in coke with garlic fondant potatoes & green beans
-Wednesday - Left over gammon , poached eggs , potato wedges& beans

Mostly I do cook from scratch  but I do have a few items that I keep for 'emergency' quick dinners as with 2 small children sometimes something crops up , sometimes I forget to get the meat I want to use out of the freezer oops or sometimes I just can't be arsed ! , but this blog is an honest blog about my life as a mummy so I'm not going to make myself sound like a domestic goddess when I am most definitely not !.

More meal plans to follow next week along with more recipes.

Z x


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